Monday, 29 April 2013

Renovation project - visiting family in the UK and my day in court!

Renovation project - visiting family in the UK and my day in court!

We arrive in the UK and it is amazing to see the family, I get to hold my baby granddaughter, she is so beautiful and has grown so much, I feel like I have missed it, but I intend to make sure that I overdose on her whilst we are here.

We are back for a couple of weeks and I have work planned, in a strange way I am looking forward to doing some work, but I had forgotten about driving in the UK, on one day I had to drive for 4 hours on crowded roads with impatient drivers, it really does make you appreciate the roads in France.

We had planned to visit as many people as possible whilst we were back but the time flies by, we do get to visit my gran who was taken into hospital, which was really nice. But it does make you realise you may not be in the country when you are needed and I want to make sure that I am there for my mum and dad when they need me, maybe we can talk the oldies in to moving over to live with us?

We have a lovely evening with Leigh and Lilly (well 3 evenings actually) it is so nice to have the kids invite you around for dinner, and cook it and clean up afterwards; I think we can get used to this!

I manage to see my daughter and baby granddaughter almost every day, and use a full bottle of perfume, I am convinced if I have the same smell she will always associate me with that smell, John thinks I’m mad and now hates the perfume, this is maybe because I spray it just before arriving at their house and John tries to say it blinds him and it doesn’t taste nice (maybe if he kept his mouth shut instead of complaining he wouldn’t get to taste it, just a thought).

John gets to spend time with his daughter which is lovely as she is working so much at the moment.
We also manage to get to visit a few friends and see some by chance, Ray you have made it in to the blog!

But the main reason we came back was for the court case, I manage to prepare everything I need and get some reasonable court clothes (I even find some joke glasses that make me look quite professional but having no lenses in them I decide not to wear them). The court case is against a landlord, and during the hearing the judge agrees that there is no case and it is dismissed, this is a big relief, we didn’t get to sue them but it is over, hopefully they will become better landlords following this, and it is proof that there is justice (sometimes in life).


  1. Welcome back!

    Soo glad the courtcase went the right way :)

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    Hope that is what you needed?
    Gerda xxx

    1. Thanks Gerda, If you could leave it on my facebook I can share it on there as well :)