Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Renovation project - The sun is still shining!!!!!!

Renovation project - The sun is still shining!!!!!!

We don’t believe it, it is still sunny!!!!! Not as warm as yesterday when the temperature reached 16 degrees, but still dry and sunny.

We decide to continue with the gardening, we make real progress through the day and clear the entire bramble patch, as there is no sign of rain, we decide that we will have the bonfire today. John sets it alight and Oh MY God, the smoke is terrible, within minutes we cannot see the end of the garden, the smoke is so thick, I start to have a bit of a panic and go and grab some buckets of water for just in case. But the fire burns well and does not take all that long to burn down; we decide to leave the last pile till a different day.

We take a look at the Ivy that is growing up the side of the house from the old ladies garden next door. I go to ask if we can go into her garden and cut it down, we end up having another long conversation and I am not sure if I have offered to return her garden to its former glory!

She tells me that she used to have terraces and lots of beautiful flowers, but when we go in it is a jungle and she has a tree growing from her chimney. I find this so upsetting as she is such a lovely proud lady, it must be terrible for her not being able to out into her once beautiful garden.

John cuts the Ivy down and I clear a small area around her back door, at some point in the summer I am going to try to organise a few people to help us clear the rest of it, before the ivy and brambles are too wild.
We have had a wonderful weekend in the garden and decide it was just what we needed, there is an old saying, ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and this is so true, but are both revived after the gardening (knackered and in pain, but revived) and decide if possible to set the weekends aside for sorting the garden.


  1. You must have got away with the fire then hopefully, thanks for the great advice on our fireplace, it's not what you know but who you know as they say..

    1. ha ha ha glad we could help, if you need anymore just let us know