Monday, 8 April 2013

Renovation project - We now have a sander!

Renovation project - We now have a sander!

Guess what, we are going sander shopping today. We head over to Carhaix as we plan on a quick trip, yeah right there really is no such thing as a quick shopping trip/ we go to Le Clerqs because John remembers seeing one in there, this is a major supermarket chain that sells everything (apart from cheap sanders!) the one in here is too expensive, we head over to another DIY store and they do not have the one he wants either, so we go to the last DIY shop in this area and hooray we find the cheap sander. 

You may be wondering why we are looking for a cheap sander, but as John says we only need it for a few walls so we may as well buy a cheap one because if it breaks it is guaranteed for a year and we can just take it back and get a new one, you can also guarantee that it will break as it will be used for sanding jointing plaster down (sanders do not like this job as they will clog with dust). You really don’t need to buy the most expensive tools to get a job done (especially this job) beware of this; if you ever do a project like this one, expensive is not always best!

Whilst we are out I buy a plant for the garden, this is our first plant and it’s a Magnolia, I can’t wait to plant it and I feel all emotional, I think I may buy a little plaque for it when we plant it.

We also have a discussion as to how many trees make an orchard, the garden is so large and already has 2 apple trees, I would so love to be able to say we have an orchard, think I may have to Google this later, unless anybody can help us out.

We get back and somehow we have been out for 4 hours, where does the time go, it’s a bit too late to do anything today so we have a bit of a tidy up and catch up on e-mails and phone calls.

I have one about the magazine article, apparently the photo of me and John is not enough pixels and will I send another? I search through what must be a thousand photos and find 3 I am happy with, well one I am more than happy with, I look so young, what has happened to me?

I send the 3 over and get a reply saying that these are a similar size, do we have another one? Bugger we are going to have to take one. Have you ever had to find a photograph that you know will be somewhere on line or in a magazine forever? No? Neither have I it takes so long to do this, we try every pose, and because we want to look reasonably well dressed we can’t go outside because it is freezing, so it is the famous bedroom wall shot, I feel like I’m 13 doing a face book shot, well at least it’s not in a toilet as most of face book photo’s seem to be, but I digress, I think it took about 50 attempts before we found 1 we were both happy with, yes John is as vain as I am.

The photo is sent, so it’s time for a little celebration, this consists of chocolate cake, sliced strawberries, whipped cream and white chocolate ice cream, we have a 2nd serving later on and highly recommend this to anybody.

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