Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Renovation project - You are never too old to make new friends

Renovation project - You are never too old to make new friends

Today is the day we are heading over to our twitter friends, if you don’t hear from us tomorrow please raise the alarm!

This is one of the most beautiful drives we have done so far, we have never been to the Dordogne before and because we have not used the toll roads we get to see some beautiful countryside and lovely little villages. This whole area is so much nicer than we had ever expected.

However it is a toss up between enjoying the scenery and listening to John moan about how the bendy, winding roads are destroying his clutch and suspension and hurting his feet.

I must admit a few of the roads, even I couldn’t believe were actually on the sat nav as they were little more than tracks!

We had arranged to arrive late afternoon, but as we made good time (yes even with the bendy roads) we stop off in Bergerac, My friend Jacqui has often told us how beautiful this town is, and we now agree, it is a small town with half timbered buildings, but the most stunning thing is the decorations, all of the main streets have bunting, it is so simple but makes such a difference to the entire feel of the place, we do not know if this is there all of the time of whether there is a festival happening (we also forgot to ask anyone).

We spend a couple of hours here before driving on to Monbazillic, when we arrive at our twitter friends, all of our worries disappear almost immediately (though to be honest I didn’t really have any worries, I just thought they were really nice people). We were made to feel so welcome and we just all hit it off straight away, they really were two of the nicest people we have ever met.

We were invited to take a dip in the pool, I paddled my feet and the water was luxurious.
That evening we went out to dinner, there is a weekly get together in Monbazillic throughout July and August, this consists of a number of food stall, not your standard burger van, but a pig roast, chicken, a fruit and salad starter stall and fresh baked goods. We buy our food and Dawn (one of our new Twitter friends) has laid the table with a tablecloth, cutlery and wineglasses, we have the poshest trestle table there.

During the meal there is live music wandering around the tables, this is one of the nicest meals we have had, and it would be so nice to do something like this in our small town, but my French would have to improve greatly to be able to suggest it.

We head back to the house and the temperature is still around 30 degrees, so now I do take up the offer of a swim, I can’t believe I am swimming in a pool at midnight, at a house of people I don’t know and I am having an absolute blast, life is about taking chances, you never know they may just be the best thing you have done.

We wake the following morning and decide to stay another night, the day is spent idling by the pool and relaxing in the sun and chatting away like old friends.  This is such a chilled place to be.

The following morning we are tempted to stay again, but we really must make our way home and begin on the house again, I am actually looking forward to getting on with it now, the break really has done us the world of good.

So it’s goodbye holiday, goodbye Monbazillic, good bye new twitter friends (though they are a lot more than twitter friends after this holiday) thank you for your hospitality and hello drive back to Huelgoat.

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