Monday, 26 August 2013

Renovation project - What can you use a BBQ for in France?

Renovation project - What can you use a BBQ for in France?

The base unit for one side of the kitchen has all been built. 

It is now time to remove the rest of the old kitchen units. The day is spent emptying them and moving all of the paint from the kitchen floor.

The tools from the cupboard are stored in our new wardrobe and all of the food has now been stored in the BBQ, this was definitely one of the best buys we have ever bought, for the first 5 months it did all of our cooking, the underneath cupboard has always been for our pots and plates and now the BBQ itself is our food cupboard, I really don’t know what we would have done without it or how we have spent a year with this being the most important part of our kitchen!!!!

Brute force removes the wall units. The wall is so disgusting, years of dirt, grease and grime are just looking at us, I really feel very sick!

The cupboards are all broken and I load them all into the car, it’s too late to take them to the skip tonight.
The kitchen floor was going to be the tiles that I spent months scraping and cleaning, but when we realised that the tiles were not originals and could still be bought today, they were not quite as appealing, plus if we had kept the tiles we would have had to decorate the kitchen to match the colours.

We considered having floorboards in there but I am worried that with wooden cupboard doors to have boards on the floor as well the kitchen may end up looking like a giant sauna!

We spend some time looking for tiles and have found some inexpensive dark grey, slate looking tiles, these will be perfect, they are timeless and will go with anything, the only problem is they are in a shop in Quimper, which is approximately an hour away, oh well it is lovely and sunny at the moment we can turn it into a trip out and have a nice lunch whilst we are there!


  1. Did you buy your BBQ from Bricomarche? It look identical to ours. We have never had so much use out of it as we have had this year, certainly a good buy for us as well.

    1. Hi Michael, we actually got it fro LeClerc's it was being sold off, so a fantastic bargain at the time, unfortunately we have not actually used it outside yet!