Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Renovation Project - rebuilding walls in an old stone house in France

Renovation Project - rebuilding walls in an old stone house in France

The frame is in for the stairs, so now the next step is to put the frame on the wall for the plaster board, we had originally hoped to keep the living room wall as stone and repoint it, but the stones are not good enough and all different types, so it will look much better if we plaster this wall and just have the stone wall around the windows, plus too much of a good thing can actually look a bit over powering.

The frame has to be attached to the wall and once in place all of the plasterboards are attached, again this is one of those jobs that make a big difference.

Once the wall is in place, we move onto the door way between the kitchen and living room, John starts to remove all of the plaster and door frame, again this does not go quite as planned as we find out that the doorway in the kitchen actually has different size stone to the opening in the living room. We also find out that the bottom of it is made up of lots of smaller stones, so yet another rethink is required!

We settle on having a cupboard at the bottom of the door to cover the rubbish stones and just go with the different size stones in what will be the log store (we just put this down to another quirk in the house).
Yet again the house is now full of rubble, so its takes a while but I bag it and tip it, the guy at the tip does not bother coming to check all of my bags anymore and just shouts over to me in French, I am becoming a local, a local at the tip, but a local nonetheless, it’s a first step (personally I would rather be a local at the beauty parlour and the nice restaurant, but as I said it’s a first step)

When I come back John has stated to add the frame to the door way, so we step back and forth across it for the last time, we also do a little door dance, this is one of the last bits of wall building that we have to do, yes I know I have said that so many times already, but this time I think it is actually true!

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