Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Renovation project - Fitting French plaster board

Renovation project - Fitting French plaster board 

We are a hive of activity over the next few days, but first we have a very easy day as it is John’s birthday, he is 50, I am officially living with an old man!!! Will this make a difference? Will he be able to carry on or will he now want a pipe and slippers and be in bed early talking about his aches and pains???????

No he still acts like he’s a big kid, age really is a number (OK the body may not totally agree, but the mind definitely does!)

We have been invited out for dinner again tonight, which we are really looking forward  to, I love being invited to dinner, the idea of eating in a house without dust is just so appealing (if you are reading this, please feel free to invite us, we do not turn down any invites and we are house trained).

The morning is spent talking to family and thanking them all for sending lovely cards (and presents).
Then it is back to work, we are going to fit the kitchen ceiling, this should help to keep the dust and dirt at bay. We are using the plasterboard lift and it is fantastic, it makes the job so much easier, we would definitely recommend using one of these!

It was so exciting when the first board went up, and over the weekend we manage to get the entire kitchen finished.

Each part of the ceiling has to be filled with insulation, this will ensure that the house remains warm over winter, and hopefully mean this winter we will not be sat there wearing woolly hats and 10 layers of clothes!

We still can’t start on the living room ceiling as we are waiting for the joists to arrive, the building merchant has now said it will be Monday, so let’s wait and see!


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    1. Thanks, it's so good to be able to prepare food without worrying about the dust falling on you :)