Sunday, 25 August 2013

Renovation Project - starting to build a new kitchen

Renovation Project - starting to build a new kitchen

The kitchen wall is plastered and it is looking good, john is definitely happy with his new plaster. The next job now is to start building the new kitchen cupboards.

We went back to the shop yesterday (Friday after our fruitless trip on Thursday)

We did consider buying standard base and wall units from the DIY shop, but it is actually less expensive to build our own. We bought the laminate wood when we went shopping and are going to have just one very large cupboard as a base unit. This will not go all the way to the end of the wall as I hate that kitchen cupboard where you cannot reach, it just ends up being filled with things you never use as you cannot reach anything.

This bit will have the plug sockets, as we have found a tower plug socket that will just push up and down, which also means that that we will not have to cut into the new aluminium splash backs and so the work tops will be kept clear.

I help john when he needs me but otherwise I spend the day stripping all of the old wood boards that we removed from the bedroom walls. They were all painted with emulsion, the easiest way to remove the paint was to wet each piece with soapy water and then scrape the paint off. I will sand each one to finish them off.
These boards are going to be the fronts of the kitchen cupboards, this means we will be able to have oak doors for no cost other than time spent stripping them and we will really be eco friendly with recycled furniture.

We are definitely on our way to having a kitchen!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well done, what a lovely kitchen you will have. x

    1. Thanks Roz, I can't wait, it's getting really exciting now x