Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Renovation Project - Buying French plaster

Renovation Project - Buying French plaster

We have to go shopping today as we need some plaster for the covering where the doorway was, I really hate shopping for plaster, John will insist that I try to read every pack and find the one he wants (even though in France they do not sell the one he wants, we have been here a year now and it is not going to change!) but still I have to read every bloody pack!!!!!!!

This time there is a different pack there, we have not seen it before and it states that it has a 50 minute working time, this means we have 50 minutes before John starts to shout and swear that he cannot do anything more with it and it has gone off (for those none plasterers amongst us that means it has set and you are stuck with the results!) so it’s fingers crossed.

We get back to the house and take down our only little bit of work top, this was the old tiled worktop that was there as part of our advertised Kitchen when we bought the house!!!!!!!


This takes some doing as underneath the tiles there is a concrete slab with metal reinforcing bars, this was the most solid thing in the house, apart from the stone walls. It also leads to another big problem, john cannot find his grinder, He actually has 2, but we cannot find either of them!

If you have never seen a grinder before it is a massive hand held power tool, it is very heavy and I would say impossible to lose, but no John has managed to lose not one but two of them (secretly I am impressed) outwardly I am having to put up with the searching for them, and as we do not have any cupboards it doesn’t take that long.

We then remember we had lent them to somebody, we give them a call and they don’t remember, bugger this is going to be difficult, they then call back and yes remember having one, but not the big one, we make do and only have to put up with periodic comments about how much easier it would have been with the big one!

Once this is all down John paints a cement and waterproof PVA mix over the walls, this is just to seal the walls and forms a good membrane to stop any future damp problems (there was no damp on these walls but it is better safe than sorry).

Once the worktop is all cleared and removed the rest of the wooden frame goes in the doorway and John adds the plaster board. 

We then put the wooden worktop in place, this will not stay like this but it does mean we can continue to use the kitchen


  1. Wow look at that kitchen taking form, your John is a clever man, my John has just finished plasterboarding a small room for storage in our roof space

    1. Thanks Roz, saw the photo's of your work, it looks really good :)