Saturday, 10 August 2013

Renovation Project - The renovation project restarts

Renovation Project - The renovation project restarts

We have been back at the house for a couple of days now, the first day was spent mainly sleeping to get over the holiday, but one of the nicest things that hit us was that feeling of coming home, normally it is so depressing to come back from a holiday, but his time it wasn’t we actually looked forward to getting back and restarting the project.

The sun has been shining and we found out that Huelgoat had a massive heat wave whilst we were away!
First things first we have to sort out the hot water, my brother and his family stayed here whilst we were away and the hot water stopped, we gave loads of advice as to how to fix it, change the batteries in the heater, change the gas bottle, change the gas valve, but none of them worked, the poor things had cold water for the week they stayed. John looked at it and spent a few minutes fiddling, then turned on the tap in the outside toilet, it turned out there had just been an air lock because the water had been turned off at the mains, oops, we never thought of this whilst talking to them on the telephone.

As the weather is still so lovely we decide to do a spot of gardening, we spend the day sawing and cutting and we remove a large part of the overgrown hedge (well to be honest they are more trees than hedges now). It is amazing the difference it makes, the pathway to our back door is now bright rather than the dark dingy entrance it has been.

We also call to visit our friends with the small farm as we need to arrange to collect some wood, they know of a place that can deliver, and as the wooden joists are 6 metres long, this is the only way we can get them to the house.

Whilst there John and Craig arrange to hire a van to go and collect all of the plaster board for the ceilings in the house, no matter how trusty the Volvo is, even that cannot manage 25 plaster boards.

Theresa takes me to see the little yellow chicks, which are now not so little or yellow any more, they are now real chickens in a coop! We also see the baby rabbits, they are so cute, I am told not to ask about their future!

Tomorrow the work will start in earnest!


  1. Welcome back you two, glad you have had a great break, I have not been good and doing my blog, must start again. x

    1. Thank you, and yes you must, it's amazing how much you miss, if you try to do it all at once, believe me I know lol x