Monday, 4 March 2013

Renovation project - shouting does not make you shower quicker!!!!!!

Renovation project - shouting does not make you shower quicker!!!!!!

We are flying back to the UK today, I have an appointment for an MRI scan and John needs to sort out his UK bank.

I am going to get to see my baby granddaughter again, I speak to her every day on SKYPE but I still worry that she will forget me, so I am really excited to go back for a quick visit.

The morning is not very relaxing, as we have decided to treat the entire floor on the first floor before we leave so that we will not have to live in the fumes, I tell John that I am going to have a quick shower and then will be ready.

This is a big tip for all men out there, a woman’s quick shower is not the same as a mans, I will not be in and out of the shower, get dressed and dry my hair in 5 minutes!!!!!!! 

Shouting and moaning about how long I take, does not make me do it quicker!!!!!

We now end up in the car earlier than planned with me all stressed, but the room is looking good.

We have a really nice drive to the airport and stop at a shop for some nibbles, we also buy a few presents to take back with us, including some Breton caramel sauce (yes it wasn’t till we got to the airport that I remembered the no liquids on airplanes rule, DOH!!!!).

At the airport I cannot find any of the little plastic bags for toiletries so just throw them into the hand luggage and sneak the caramel sauce into the little case we have, the airport security do not even ask about liquids, but they do weigh the case, luckily it's just under, others were not so lucky and were sent back to the check in again.

We arrive in the UK and go to pick up our hire car, we have a Fiat 500, I love it but is like a dinky car, it so funny to watch John sat in it, they are definitely not made for those over 6 foot tall.

We stop for nasty burgers on the way to my parents as we are calling there first, I am picking up my granddaughter and taking her to my daughters, we also find out at this point that the little car is not made for baby buggies either!

We arrive at my daughters and I could burst with happiness, after a while I could burst with food, as my daughter treats us to a Chinese takeaway for dinner.

Then it’s on to john’s parents, visions of Christmas spring to mind I am just grateful that they all live within a 20 mile radius of each other.


  1. Enjoy your trip to England Jenny & John, it might be a bit warmer by the time you get back here.

  2. thanks Roz, it was a flying visit, but had a lovely time