Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Renovation project - baby surfing in the UK

Renovation project - baby surfing in the UK

Today is a busy day, we have to go to our house in the UK to look at a word worm problem, wow what a sense of déjà vu, it’s a bit like a bus mans holiday, we will be so glad when this house is sold, but we are in the sticky situation of the house not being worth as much as it should be, hopefully this will change this year. 

Then it is on to the hospital for my MRI, I had been trying desperately not to think about this, as I had images of being in a big metal coffin with lots of clunking and clanking noises, but John and his family convince me it is nothing like this, so I go to the appointment a lot less worried until I get in there and find to my horror I will be in a big metal coffin with lots of clunking and clanking noises, for Half an Hour, this is a long time when you are claustrophobic, I open my eyes twice and only just stop myself from pressing the emergency alarm.

Once it is over I go to meet my daughter and John goes to meet his.

I then have a lovely day being treated to lots of mothers day presents and my daughter has an even better day, because she buys me clothes that she likes and not my normal eclectic taste (deep down I am really chuffed, I look like a proper grown adult!)

John, Rachael, Leigh and Lily meet us in town and we all go shopping together, John and I have great fun in one shop as we take the baby and little Lily around the shop and go baby surfing (this is great fun and highly recommended) little Lily holds on to the pram handle and surfs around, John then takes this one step further and whilst walking little Lily with the baby reigns she lifts her feet and glides along the floor, there’s lots of giggles until we see the colour of her trousers (it was well worth the cost of new trousers!!!!)

The day flies by again and it is time to say goodbye to everyone.

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