Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Renovation project - I need your help

Renovation project - I need your help

John wakes up and still doesn’t feel right, but he makes a start with some work and he keeps going at the plaster boarding for a little while.

As John is not to good he goes for a lie down on the afternoon, this is the most sensible thing he can do, he’s still not sure if he has pulled something or whether he doesn’t feel well, so resting is the best thing for him.
I have a good tidy round, well as much as I can (it is still a building site) and decide as I am sitting here I will enter my first writing contest, it is a contest of the top things about where you live, this is quite difficult as there are so many things I love about Huelgoat and Brittany and as the competition is open to so many people I have to find something original, I consider doing one on the top five dechetteries (Tips) in Brittany as I am now quite an expert or the top 5 building suppliers, but think these will not of much interest to anyone other than me!

Then I have the brain wave of the top 5 cakes! Easy, apart from the fact that it is impossible to choose the top 5! It may have to be the top 25.

I start the writing and I am soon drooling and realise I have to add some photographs, which means having to go to the shop and buy some more cakes, it’s such a hard life and I am sure the woman behind the counter think I have gone a little mad ordering cakes and photographing the display. But the entry is written and sent off. Please wish me luck and if you have time please visit the link http://www.expatsblog.com/contests/269/the-top-5-cakes-from-brittany and vote for my entry, you need to read to the bottom of the entry and then click the share on face book or twitter.

I am so excited, the prize isn’t major but this may be the first step on the writing ladder and mean that we can earn a little income so that we can stay here while the B&B idea takes off.

Thanks for your support  


  1. Sorry to Hear John is still feeling a bit under the weather, he probably needs a good massage Jenny!
    The cakes are delicious too, I wouldn't be able to choose, have done all the voting and sharing so good luck.:)