Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Renovation Project - Today is not a good day

Renovation Project - Today is not a good day

Today is not a good day, I am having another wobble, I speak to my parents on Skype, (after an hour’s phone call talking them through setting it up).  I miss my family, they tell me about my granddaughter and how wonderful she is, and all I can think is I’m missing it all, we also have a chat with Leigh and Lily and Lily is so cute on the screen. I have another sad morning which is not helped by John not feeling right. I want the house to be finished so much now so that they can come to stay.

I also start to feel a bit overwhelmed by how much we still have to do, the work seems to be never ending and we really need a break, but if we take time out for a break we are not going to be finished. Today is just a bad day.

The day disappears with little progress, Johns back was not good and he spent the afternoon in bed. We do get some good news though, we are getting the King-size bed, we have come to an agreement on the price, because as my daughter put it, I’m pimping out John!!!! John will be doing a day’s work for our friend in return for a discount on the bed, I am so much happier and I begin to wonder whether the bed we have is not helping us, I cannot remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep, we are currently still using the settee bed we bought when we first came over. We do have one bed but that is in the room with all the paint supplies so we cannot use that, so agreeing to buy the king-size bed with a proper mattress really has made my day.

I also have a clear out of the middle floor bedroom whilst John is in bed; this means the room is partially cleared and starts to look a bit like a room. It’s amazing how much rubbish was in there as I manage to fill the car for another tip run!

By the evening the day dips again, as my excitement of entering my first writing competition is dampened by the fact that I have just found out that I am competing against professional writers and authors, so please if you have time have a look at the link MY WRITING COMPETITION ENTRY and share, share, share........ go on, you know you want too.......


  1. Hi Jenny, sorry to hear John has been unwell today hope the new bed is the answer. Tomorrow is always another day and you will be back to your chirpy self. Good luck with the writing competition you have our vote (cakes yummee). If you need any help just give us a shout.

    1. Hi Wendy, yes the bad times don't last long and we are really looking forward to the new bed, just have to get this room finished and decorated!!!!