Saturday, 16 March 2013

Renovation project - it snowed and we stayed warm!!!!!!!!

Renovation project - it snowed and we stayed warm!!!!!!!!

We know now what the Amber warning meant, we wake up to a white world, which looks really pretty, cold again but this time it’s cold outside not inside. WE STAYED WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are supposed to be getting the sheep today, so we feel really sorry for Sue and Peter who have the lovely job of erecting the pen for the sheep. I’m just glad it’s not us working outside.

We hit a bit of a dilemma with the water pipes as there is a joist in the way and most of the pipes will have to meet over the consumer unit and have connectors soldered to them, this is not the best place to have joints in pipes for obvious reasons, any future leaks would cause untold misery i.e. leak all over the electrics, not good!

So john decides to re route the pipes, this means having to go shopping again to buy full lengths of copper pipe, we decide to go to Carhaix as this is closer, and find that the building merchant has closed down, we did not expect this.

As we are already in the town we head off to buy some food shopping and find the building supply shop has just moved into lovely new premises, we get the pipes we need but still have no luck on finding any isolation valves.

The isolation valves are essential for new plumbing, by adding these to each pipe run; it means you can isolate each tap or appliance if there is ever a problem, without ever having to turn off the entire water supply.

We spend hours (well I do) trying to find them on line and find loads, but all the wrong size, I even put the question of where to find them out to Face book and get one helpful reply, but unfortunately the cost of delivery is extortionate. The problem is due to the size, we have 12 millimetre pipes in the house, and this seems to be the problem, the valves can be found in any size but this one.

I also have a fantastic night as my first invoice has been sent and paid for an advertising square on the blog, I want to frame this moment for ever.


  1. Jenny, Can't you get 12 - 14 mm adapters and use 14mm isolation valves. Or replace the pipes with 14 mm in the appropriate places?

    When we had the plumbing done here, they have no idea what isolation valves are - in the US they are on every tap!



    1. Hi David, that was going to be one of our last resorts, Luckily we found some yesterday.

      We can't believe they aren't used more often as makes it so easy to replace or renew anything with minimum disruption.

    2. Hi jenny,

      The new Bricomarche is great isn't it, we went there for the first time this week and bought a new BBQ for when the warm weather eventually arrives!