Thursday, 14 March 2013

Renovation project - Happy Mothers day

Renovation project - Happy Mothers day 

Happy Mother’s day everybody, I am so sad, I am spending my first mother’s day away from Kayleigh, and to make it more difficult this is her first mother’s day and I will not be there.

We chat on Skype which is really nice, but today is not the same, I want to be there and go for lunch, but I’m not and she is going for lunch with her partners mum, this makes it even more difficult, not that I mind her visiting her partners mum as she is just so lovely, but the not being there at all is so difficult. No matter how many times I say I am getting used to being away, every time you miss something important it hurts, and it makes you feel like you are the worst mum in the world.

We also speak to my mum and Johns mum, and now we feel like bad children as well!!!!!!!

I continue to text to Kayleigh all day, which does make it seem a bit better and I will be seeing her again in a few weeks, and now I have even more of a push to get the house finished because as soon as it is safe for children she and John’s daughters will be able to come over with the grandchildren.

We start on the new bathroom and decide where to put everything, John is going to have to box in the hot air heating system, and all of the pipes and we wonder if the room would be too small if we just add a false wall. This decision is made by the fact that if we need to access anything it would mean having to break into the wall, so John decides to put a door on the access to the heating system and add a false wall just to cover the waste pipes, this will mean the room is bigger and give easy access to the heating system.

The wash basin unit will go against the wall as will the shower which means there is less wall to plaster and the wall between the bathroom and the stairs will be filled with insulation and be thicker giving more privacy to the bathroom from the stairs.

John starts to build the frame  (technical term is studding, John tells me to call this a stud wall not a false wall but when I use that term all i can think of is horses and it just doesn’t fit well with me, but hey, he’s the expert!!!) for the false wall or stud wall neigh!!!!!.


  1. He's a fast worker your John, he seems to be running away with the work

    1. ha ha ha I think it's time I added some more photo's of me working, so people believe we are doing it together, although admittedly it is mainly John :)