Saturday, 30 March 2013

Renovation project - chasing the rainbow

Renovation project - chasing the rainbow

We have to drive to Quimper to buy the door for the new wardrobe, we keep our fingers crossed all the way there that they still have some left, we would be gutted if they have sold out as we need to make sure the wardrobe will match the rest of the room.

We get there and there are 3 doors left in a pile, 2 are knackered and the one at the bottom is OK, we can’t believe our luck, we grab the last one and put it in the car. We now have to buy some more plaster board and studding, there is a Brico depot in Quimper but we decide to drive back to Morlaix to buy this as we also need to do some food shopping.

Just as we are getting on the motorway I suggest we go back and buy the bits we need whilst we are here, just in case the weather changes but John says it would take too long to find a turning to go back.

This turns our journey into a 100 km drive (we are becoming French, we are now in kilometres and not miles!!!!) the journey back is quite eventful as the sat nav takes us a different way. We pass a man taking a toilet break at the side of the motorway, this is not a rare sight in France and we laugh as we remember how surprised we were when we first arrived and the amount of people you saw just stopping the car and peeing, he didn’t even bother to stand behind his car, toilet habits are quite different in France to the UK and even in nice restaurants you will often find communal toilets, so peeing on the side of the road is quite common place.

As we drive the sky changes colour, we are driving over the very tops and we can see for miles, we pass the most amazing lake and try to photograph it with the black sky, the views are just amazing. Then the skies open, are we glad we didn’t buy the plaster board as this was to be on the roof rack. 

Whilst driving we see the end of a rainbow, we are almost chasing it along the road, my videoing is worse than my photography, but I do manage to catch a bit of it.

We arrive at Brico depot and the heavens are still emptying on the roads, so we decide not to risk buying the plaster board, we are so glad we took the 100 km detour to buy to plastic elbows and other bits that we could’ve bought in Quimper.

For some reason john isn’t too impressed when I remind him, that I did suggest we bought what we needed in Quimper and that we could’ve saved 60 km’s off this journey, there is just no pleasing some people!

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