Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Renovation Project - The seafood risotto strikes again

Renovation Project - The seafood risotto strikes again

John wakes up feeling very poorly and is convinced that I have poisoned him with my seafood risotto, but even though I try to explain I am fine and we had the same food, he will not be convinced. So he spends the day in bed, (not so ill that he can’t manage a sausage sandwich for lunch!!!!)

So I have a day to myself, this is quite nice as I catch up on the blog and call and speak to Kayleigh and friends.

I have one of my most successful days on the blog, I have now sold all of the advertising spaces, I am so happy, I still can’t believe how well the blog has been received, so thank you for reading and making me one of the happiest people in France.

It is quite strange as we don’t often have days off like this, I think we should have more of them, no I don’t think John should be ill more often but it is nice to just catch up with yourself and have days that resemble a normal life, I have pottered about and actually relaxed.

I have also been to visit Sue and Peter at the Tregont restaurant and bought lots of crockery and some real wine glasses, the Tregont is closing down, they have sold up, which is a shame as I have got quite used to Sue and Peter as neighbours. 

But it’s not all bad as we are going to adopt the 2 sheep for a short while, they will come and eat all of our garden, this will save so much time in summer as apparently sheep are better garden clearers than goats, maybe the Good Life is closer than we think (though we definitely won’t be eating the sheep!)

Sue comes to have a look at where the sheep will be going and arrange to put some fencing up, she informs us that one of the trees we thought was dead is actually a beautiful tree that is just starting to bud, I am so glad she came in as this was going to be fire wood, I am not the best gardener, luckily Sue has said she will come and have a look on a regular basis and give us lots of cuttings.

Maybe I’m not quite Felicity Kendal yet......

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