Thursday, 31 October 2013

Renovation Project - Help, I've fell down a hole!!!!!!

Renovation Project - Help, I've fell down a hole!!!!!!

We continue to work on the fireplace today but have an exciting night planned, we are going to a party, I can’t wait, after the last couple of weeks I really need to let my hair down.

We are going to drive to the party but it is in the town so we can have a glass of wine and walk home, you don’t really see many taxis in the area but it will be a nice walk.

The party is in the house of a friend (who happens to live near the mayor, so this is how we have an invitation to meet him at Christmas)

We have a fab time at the party and I decide to stay away from the wine so that I will not get drunk, somehow this doesn’t happen and I think that maybe drinking a lot of gin and tonics is just as dangerous as drinking lots of wine, i.e. I’m really drunk by the end of the night!

Surprisingly so is John, we are the last to leave and say our goodbyes, we have had such a good night, as we are leaving, all of the street lights are switched off and it is pitch black, we have to walk straight down and follow the road round, being very careful of the large storm drains at the side of the road, we are talking about these as I feel the air rush past me, OMG I have disappeared!!!!!!

I am lay on my back shouting come and get me, but nobody can see me!!!!!

John finds me, I have managed to fall in the storm drain, I am so glad I am drunk (I think I may have caused major injury had I been sober!) John pulls me out and I shake myself down and check for any holes or broken bits, but all seems well.

We are all laughing, we start to walk home and follow the road straight down, as the road turns I tell John that we need to follow it but he is insistent that we need to walk straight. My hip hurts and I am sure it is the wrong way, after a drunken conversation we decide the safest thing is to go back! In the morning we see that if we had continued straight we would’ve ended up in the forest, I do have no sense of direction, but once drunk I am like a homing pigeon, he really needs to listen to me!!!!!!

We arrive back at the house and stay the night.

In the morning we wake and have a fantastic hangover breakfast of vol au vonts, lemon cake and sausage rolls, my hip is now hurting quite a lot and by the end of the day I have a bruise that covers the entire side of my hip and thigh (thank goodness I was drunk). It takes a few days for the pain to go, John is now terrified to go out with me and asks why I can’t be normal, but as I point out if I was normal, would he want to go out with me and I make life so much more exciting by the fact that he never knows what is going to happen, though to be honest even I am now a bit concerned as to what will happen on my next trip out......


  1. It can get really really dark here, we noticed this too.. but managed to avoid storm drains! LOL!! Hope the bruise is gone by now!

    1. Well done you, I will manage to avoid them from now on, it's a case of walking in the middle of the road with a torch!