Saturday, 26 October 2013

Renovation project - Painting and plastering in France (again!)

Renovation project - Painting and plastering in France (again!)

It feels strange to be home, the past couple of weeks have been like a whirlwind, but john had been so busy whilst I was away.

He has repainted the kitchen, ready for the units to be finished and it is looking good, we still have all of the paint that we bought in the UK, as we have said before you have to be careful when using products form a different country but luckily paint is one of the products that can be used, we have tried to use only French products in the house but French paint is very expensive and does not cover well, next to the plaster, paint is the only thing we have really missed, we have tried French paint once and it was like painting with milk.

When we were in the UK we used to go to trade shops, which made life so easy, but not as easy as it is now, as there are places available to buy trade paint on line, such as Trade Paint Direct, they even deliver!!!!!!!

I do miss the ease of getting what we want so easily, France has not yet got to the stage of having everything available 24 hours a day, but as I said we do have a big supply in the barn, I just hope there is enough to finish the house.

The biggest job John has completed though is finishing a lot of the plastering, the hall wall is plastered, the stairs are plastered and the living room wall has been finished.

We had had a problem with one wall in the kitchen where patches of the plaster had blown, but John has sorted this. Soon it will be time to paint all of the downstairs (it's a pity you can’t hear John moan as I say this, every time I say we are nearly finished he comes up with a list of jobs that need doing, he is sooooo pessimistic, but seeing as how I have now been saying we are almost finished for the last 6 months, maybe it is a little bit understandable!)

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