Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Renovation Project - Plastering the living room ceiling

Renovation Project - Plastering the living room ceiling

Its back to work again today and it’s a tough day, we are going to plaster the living room ceiling, John has brought some plaster from the UK, so no moaning today.

We have not used English plaster as it is different to French plaster and is not lime based, but as we are only using it on new plaster board and not near the stone walls there will be no problem. If you are going to do a project like this be very careful, as using products from different countries may not be suitable (even if they are much easier to use!)There is a reason you cannot be certain products!!!

I have the horrible job of mixing the plaster and feeding john, and for once it is not food! I have to feed him the plaster, this means he can keep going and not have to waste time making up plaster or scooping it out of the bucket.

A big tip is to always wear a face mask when mixing plaster, the look may not be good but the dust is much worse!!!!!!!!!!

Mixing plaster is not an easy job (Oh OK, neither is putting it on the ceiling). We are almost finished and have just one patch left to do, I vote that we leave it till the morning, but it is a split decision, (John didn’t!) so we finish off, I feel like I am dying.

A big long soak in the bath makes me feel a little bit more human, but looking at our wonderful ceiling and knowing we will be starting on the living room makes me feel much better


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  2. I was wondering about the difference between French and English as regards building/renovating houses. In the mid 80s we had a house built. The first winter the roof filled with snow. Apparently in our area (around La Rochelle) there was no requirement to make the roof snow proof as officially it didn't snow! Thankfully things have changed since then. We had to wait for the snow to melt as the insulation was loose (it had been sprayed on) and we couldn't get the snow out without digging out the insulation...

    1. Oh No what a nightmare!
      we are lucky that we had a sound roof when we moved in, not much else, but the roof did work!
      we love the La Rochelle area, you are very lucky to be living there