Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Renovation project - Stay away from the light

Renovation project - Stay away from the light

We’re not on to the living room yet, I am getting ahead of myself again, today is spent with me doing a horrible dirty job, but one that will make a big difference I hope. I am stripping down the front door, we have a beautiful old wooden door with a window with metal rails in it, this door has been painted so many times and we want to remove the paint and bring it back to wonderful new wood.

I have the electric sander a big tin of paint stripper and a few hand tools; don’t you just love the adverts that show how easy it is to strip wood? But believe me it is not this simple, it is knackering trying t get in to all of the little intricate bits; it also isn’t helped by the fact that John is using the sander to sand down the plaster in the kitchen ready for painting and it keeps getting clogged up. So the result is sand a little bit, watch the smoke come out of it, listen to it sound like it is going to blow up and then bang it very hard on the floor and start again!

A big tip is do not use the sander to sand down plaster joints unless you are ready to consign it to the bin afterwards!!!! (This is one of the reasons why we bought a cheap sander as we do not feel so bad about breaking it, because the kitchen was done in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken to do it by hand!)
John gets a couple of coats of white paint on the kitchen walls and ceiling, finally the room is a clean, dust free box, we will be able to eat without a dust condiment!

We have a nice night planned tonight, we are off to Sheila’s and Brian’s to watch the football, or roughly translated, John and Brian will shout at the TV and Sheila and I will drink some very nice wine!!!!!

We have a lovely meal and afterwards Sheila and I take the dog for a walk around the lake, it is going dark as we set off but Sheila knows the route well, or so we thought, we find out that in the pitch black everything looks slightly different! 

We are at that point of do we go on through a pitch black patch of forest or do we go all the way back, round a pitch black lake, hmmm  decisions, decisions. Once again we discuss why we didn’t think to bring a telephone or a torch, we carry on walking, linking arms at this point, we cannot see the edge of the path or the where the trees join the lake, the dog is running ahead so we know we are still on dry land, then we bump into somebody, literally my heart jumps, just what I need after my near stroke the other week!!!! 

But it turns out to be a wooden post that Sheila recognises, we are near the end of the walk, we have to turn right very soon, not to soon or that would be straight into the lake, we are tentatively putting one foot forward, then we see it, a light OMG we are so relieved, we just have to walk into the light, 2 weeks ago I was being told to stay away from the light, now we have to make it to the light, we find the turning and yes we are heading to the light, I hope that it is the right light and we don’t have St Peter sat at a gate!!!!!

It’s not Saint Peter and we are heading towards the road, we are safe, we are now laughing like maniacs, wondering whether we should tell anybody about how stupid we are, I say we keep it to ourselves and I will only tell the people who read the blog!!!!!!!

Back at the house we have a glass of wine and continue with our evening, safe in the knowledge that we will never walk the dog around the lake at that time of night without a torch!!!!!

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