Saturday, 12 October 2013

Renovation project - Whats happened to my bath?

Renovation project - Whats happened to my bath?

It’s time to start work in earnest again, we have had too much time away from doing what needs to be done, and I am  no longer finding it a novelty not having a kitchen sink, not that I ever found it novel, I’m just trying to convince myself it is like a mini adventure!!!!

In reality it is a pain, my beautiful bath is now where we have to wash the dirty pots, not what I imagined my bath being used for!!!!

But first things first, john has to plaster the wall around the kitchen window, this was where we tried to take the plaster off thinking we would find a beautiful stone wall, we didn’t, the wall was terrible but at least we let it air and was able to treat the lintels above the window.

Once the plaster is on it looks so different, I’m quite glad we didn’t leave the stone now as this makes the kitchen look cleaner and fresher somehow.

The one thing that the house has really taught me is that your plans do need to be flexible, change the plans with what the house tells you is right rather than trying to make sure that the house fits in with your plans, this way you will save so much time, money and heart ache, we are doing a renovation not making our forever home.

Once the plaster is in place we can make a start on the fitting the boiler, this is the first time that I have not been able to help, we had a stand for the boiler but because the waste pipes are so high the boiler needs to be attached higher to the wall, we have to call on a friend to come and help John lift it into place, I feel really bad because I am no use, but I still do not have the energy for this, maybe I never would have had the energy (it’s really heavy). This is a big tip, know your limitations, I am not wonder woman, though I do imagine I would look good in her outfit with my new slim line shape, but that is a different blog all together! 


Accept that you cannot do everything and at times you may need to get some help, even john could not do this job alone.

Once it is in place we start to build the wall that will form the cupboard, the wall is built before the pipe work is connected as it is much easier to put pipes through a wall rather than build a wall around pipes!

Once the wall is in place John spends time on the plumbing, we do not fully connect it as we need to buy a special fuse for it and as we still have the gas water heater it is not urgent.


We are on countdown to getting a sink, hurray, OMG  I am getting so excited about a kitchen sink, how different is my life to when I lived in the UK?


  1. We take so much for granted - like kitchen sinks. You are both so courageous, we wouldn't know where to start, let alone do the work.

    1. Hi Anji, it is amazing how much we do take for granted and how much you realise you don't actually need, though a kitchen sink is not one of those things! thanks for reading