Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Renovation project - Brittany via Plymouth

Renovation project - Brittany via Plymouth

I’ve still not managed to get a good night’s sleep yet, hopefully that will happen on the ferry home tonight!
We have said all of our goodbyes and set off for Plymouth, the weather forecast is really bad so we have set off with plenty of time to spare, luckily we seem to miss it all the way and arrive in plenty of time.

We take a few hours to enjoy Plymouth, UK, I really love this area and in many ways the Cornish coast is very similar to Brittany (except for the house prices!)

We park near the harbour and take a stroll before settling on one of the bars which has live music playing, we couldn’t ask for a better send off.

We treat ourselves to fish and chips from a little chippy and head over to the ferry port. I am already missing my family and it feels really strange not being there to bathe and feed the baby, but I am really looking forward to getting home and finally getting some rest.

I think I am asleep before my head hits the pillow in the cabin, it is just such a shame my mobile phone company decide to offer me a special data allowance deal at 3 am!!!!!

I am wondering if there is some conspiracy in the world to stop me from getting a good night’s sleep!

We arrive back at the house, and after a quick drink I go to bed, finally sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I could never sleep on the ferry. Last time I managed to fall asleep on the plane! Hope that you slept well

    1. Hi Anji, the travel sickness pills seem to help with sleeping, don't think I could sleep on a plane though, i'd be too scared of leaning on to the person sat next to me or snoring!!!!!! ;)