Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Buying English goods in France

Buying English goods in France 

You’ve made the move and you are really happy or maybe you are working abroad, life is good but Christmas is coming up soon and there will always be that little bit of home that you miss,

The Paxo stuffing with your Christmas dinner 

The mince pies for your visitors or 

the traditional Christmas Pud!

No matter where you are in the world, whatever your local delicacies something’s just don’t beat traditional Christmas fayre.

The big question is where do you buy it from? Many shops in France sell a selection of English Items, but never the ones you want or maybe you just don’t want to be seen as the expat that can’t live without the English Brands.

There is an easy answer British Corner Shop sells and delivers worldwide; they even have an Irish selection, an American selection and a Scottish selection.

If you haven’t used them before click on the advert at the side of this post (with absolutely no obligation!!!!!!!!) and just browse what they have to offer.

What’s in it for us you may ask? We get points every time a person uses an ad on the blog and this will go towards keeping us here, please help we really don’t want to go back!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'll certainly go and look. There is quite a lot of English and American food creeping into the supermarkets nowadays. I discovered very early on (about 28 years ago) that homemade stuffing for the turkey was nicer than paxo!

    Wishing you lots of commission!

  2. Thanks Anji, you're a better cook than me, I'm still happy if I get the paxo right! enjoy your oatibix lol