Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A guest post from PropertECO

A guest post from PropertECO

In the current economic climate the dream of renovating a property or extending your current home is becoming ever more popular.

That damp, dank basement becoming your at home study or even more popular a play room for the kids, just imagine the peace and quiet.........

We’ve all seen the TV programs that make it look so easy, or worse still the disaster programs where people lose fortunes through employing unscrupulous builders or trying to project manage without the experience.

For those new to renovating the potential pitfalls can be plentiful and things that need to be considered include:

Throughout your house timber has been used, whether it is the joists holding up your floor or the floorboards you actually walk on – think when did you last remove your carpets? The trusses holding up your roof, especially if you live in a country with lots of rain. All of this timber could’ve been infected by woodworm, dry rot or wet rot, early detection and treatment is vital.

Do you know the difference between rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation? Get this wrong and your work could be ruined or you may have spent a small fortune on work that is not necessary.

And the less well known Radon Gas:

Never heard of Radon Gas? Well this is a natural occurring gas that comes from the ground and can enter properties.
Radon Testing by propertECO

The above are just a few of the pitfalls that you must be aware of, but this post is not to put you off your renovation and help is out there, propertECO is an award winning company based in the UK, that specialises in diagnosing areas of concern, making expert recommendations and implementing the latest in sustainable building techniques to ensure maximum sustainability of your building with minimum cost.

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