Friday, 1 November 2013

Renovation Project - we have a vestibule

Renovation Project - we have a vestibule

Yesterday disappeared in a haze of rubbish food, bad TV and dozing on the bed, I am so getting too old for hangovers, somehow they seem to last for days now rather than a couple of hours in the morning, I wish I could say I am never drinking again but I am a truthful person and I know as soon as I forget how horrible I felt I will probably do it all over again. I wonder at one point I will be mature enough to not actually do it again, somehow I think this maybe many years in the future!

We now have to make up for lost time and because I still feel a bit rough I am not in the best of moods as I feel that we have wasted precious time, I am back to scraping the stairs, this is not what I need today, but they need to get finished.

John is making a start on building our vestibule, this will make such a big difference to the warmth in the house, winter is already approaching and the memories of last year, freezing and wearing woolly hats in the house is not holding any appeal.

We have had one wall built for some time, so it is a case of making a frame for the door; the door is the one that had been between the living room and the kitchen. We have loved this door from the beginning and it was always going to be used somewhere in the house.

The frame goes up and the door is attached, not straight away as we realise that the hinges are on the wrong side of the door, the hinges are removed and changed over, the wood is filled with wood filler (this means that once it is painted you will not be able to see where the old hinges had been).

The vestibule is built, the door is attached and we can stop for the day feeling better than when we had started, we have something to show for our hard work.

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