Monday, 28 October 2013

Renovation Project - I am scraping crap again!!!!!!!

Renovation Project - I am scraping crap again!!!!!!!

The plastering is done, most of the wood is stripped for the kitchen doors, so now its let’s sit down and think what is the most horrible job I can do next, Ah yes that’s it, pull all the old lino off the stairs and start to scrape a hundred years of muck off them!!!!!

I complained about the kitchen floor, because that was so time consuming and gross, I wasn’t very struck on stripping the wood for the kitchen doors, stripping the front door made me ill with the fumes, but compared to the stairs they were a piece of cake!

I cannot believe how unglamorous my life actually is, I seem to spend all of my time in crap, oh to have a carpet............

But now I console myself with the fact that the stairs will look fantastic (if you remember I did this on the kitchen floor right up until we decided to tile over it!)

John puts the doors together, we will treat and stain them once we had them hanging for a while, but joy of joys and because this is us, nothing is that simple, would you believe we have forgotten the hinges, little metal things that mean nothing can go up!

I don’t know which is worse having no kitchen cupboard doors or doors that cannot be fitted.

So tomorrow it’s a trip to the shops, at least I can get away from the crap for a short while!

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  1. I think the wood on the stairs will look lovely when it is cleaned up. Keep up the good work!