Thursday, 6 June 2013

Renovation project - Volvo car parts in France

Renovation project - Volvo car parts in France

We now have no choice as to when we are going back to the UK; we need to fix the car. John has looked on the internet and found a Volvo breakers that have the correct light and wing, unfortunately the wing is the wrong colour but we can spray this when we fit it.

We book a ferry crossing and this time we are going for a day crossing, we do not want to spend a fortune so book one of the tiniest cabins (how they can call it a cabin when it really is a metal coffin I don’t know).
We are all set and head off, please car make it all the way, we will arrive in the UK at approx 8.30pm which means we should be able to get to my brothers before it gets really dark, we do have side lights but would rather not risk meeting police without fully working lights.

The sailing goes smoothly apart from the fact that John decided to have a sleep and as we only have tiny bunk beds it means that I am pushed into a corner, and he wonders why when he wakes up I’m in a crappy mood and shout at him, so if you are wondering if the tiny cheap cabins are worth it, I would say no!!!!!
When it’s time to leave the boat we are right near the front, this is fantastic as Plymouth ferry port is not car friendly, it is tiny and you will get stuck in the bottle neck of traffic trying to leave, but we should be one of the first to leave, so all is good.

The cars start to move and we realise that there is nobody in the car in front of us, so the other lanes of traffic start to move before us, where is the driver of the car in front, it is only a ferry, you can’t get lost, you know what time it docks, you have numerous intercom messages telling you to go to your car. I want to shout at these people at this moment in time but they still aren’t here so I can’t, all sorts of murderous thoughts are going through my head, I’m also wondering if we start to drive can we just shunt the car off the boat????
They finally arrive and then stand there to take their coats off and put them in the car, DO IT ONCE YOU ARE OFF THE BOAT!!!!!!! We finally move, just far enough to join the massive bottle neck of traffic, so much for travelling during daylight hours!

We drive to my brothers and think as it is almost 10pm, it will be too late for them to make us some dinner so we stop at a service station, all the food courts are closed, we try 2 others and it is the same, I ask a girl behind the counter if there are any big famous burger brand (not sure if I should advertise them on here as I am so peeved at them not being open, but I am sure you know which one, and no it doesn’t have a clown). She explains that in Somerset they all close at 10pm, so if you are driving through Somerset in the UK after 10pm make sure you take some sandwiches with you!

We arrive at 11.30pm, though we did find some food once we left Somerset. We spend the night and set off in the morning, we are driving to Nottingham for the car parts.

When we arrive at VOLVO SAAB BREAKERS they are so helpful and they have everything we need, hi guys we did say we would give you a thank you. We also find out that they will send parts to France, so now we know where to get any parts for our Volvo, and though I do advertise on here I rarely give any full endorsements but we are really happy with the service and the goods (and the fact that they will deliver is fantastic!)

Well now it’s back to driving, we decide to visit my parents first, we have not told them what time we are arriving as we wanted to surprise them, this is not a good idea when you have driven from France as we turned up and they weren’t in. In theory a surprise visit is lovely but when you have travelled for 24 hours it probably is a better idea to let someone know you are coming.

I talk to them on the phone and say we will see them later in the week and we drive to my daughters, then on to John’s parents in Manchester.

I really just want to sleep at this point, I’m knackered, but it is so lovely to see everyone.