Saturday, 15 June 2013

Renovation project - France Today Magazine

Renovation project - France Today Magazine

I’m back and yes I know I said it was my birthday yesterday but on the blog I am a few days behind, so I am going back to where I left off (I was just being polite yesterday and letting people know why I would be offline for a couple of days)

We have fully recovered from our journey and our goodbyes, spent a day in and out of bed and dozing, so we check our letter box to see what bills are waiting for us and have a lovely surprise, there is a copy of France today Magazine waiting for us. I had forgotten how nice it was to actually receive something in the post that isn’t telling us how much money is about to come out of our bank account or what the latest special offer is in the local supermarket!

I open the wrapper with anticipation and excitement (yes I really am that easily pleased!). We used to have regular subscriptions when we lived in the UK, they helped us to plan our move and gave us an idea of what life would be like in France, but once here we haven’t really bothered, yes we look at interesting articles on the internet but they just aren’t the same as having the publication delivered to your door.

I spend the morning in bed reading the magazine, I had also forgotten how nice it was to do this, and it’s even nicer now we actually have a comfortable bed!

The magazine has so much information in it and actually brings back some happy memories, the Sun, Sea, Sand and Oyster feature makes me smile, I had forgotten all about Arcachon, yet the place holds some amazing memories, we stayed there a few years ago on our first trip to France, and this is where we had our favourite photograph taken, between the pine trees and the Atlantic.

We are planning a holiday in the next few weeks and had been planning on driving through France to get to Spain, but now we may spend a little longer in France.

We had discussed going to the champagne region for a break, but the feature titled a sparking tale, has made the decision for us, I really want to go on the laser guided train through the cellars, I also want to tell my daughter that I have actually been to the vineyards where they make Veuve Clicquot and take her a bottle back on our next visit.

There really are so many wonderful places to visit, but as this is now home we are looking further afield for holidays, the magazine has reminded us why moved here.

I have to put it down as we need to do a bit of work around the house, so my pleasant morning is swapped for an afternoon of cleaning; I think I may change my name to Cinderella!

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