Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Renovation Project - Plymouth Ferry Port

Renovation Project - Plymouth Ferry Port

Time to go home, I am so looking forward to getting back to France and finishing the house before our holiday, this will freak John out who will no doubt be the voice of doom and say it will be a few more months yet, but I feel good thinking we may be finished before our big holiday (yes I am ever the optimist) we have one more night in the UK and I am going to visit a relative in hospital tonight.

I am so upset when we arrive at the hospital, the care is not what you would expect and I arrange to meet the doctor the following morning with another family member. The meeting appears to go well, so fingers crossed things will improve.

I am at the hospital whilst John is at my parents, we are due in Plymouth this evening and I don’t arrive back to him until 12 noon, we say our goodbyes and head into my parents town for a bit of shopping (when you get to France you really do miss the UK pound shops!)

We have also promised to bring back some mint aero’s for some friends in France; we cannot find these anywhere and wonder whether they still sell them in the north of England?

We set off for Plymouth with plenty of time to spare, this is lucky as we hit a major traffic jam en route.
Luckily we arrive on time and now we really can’t wait to get back to France, no more traffic jams, no more M6 and lovely driving conditions. We are about to get on the boat and it suddenly hits me I haven’t cried sat at the docks, this is the first time, I have texted and rang family, I have said my goodbyes, but no tears, maybe I am realising that it isn’t so hard to leave, we can be back in no time and we get to have fantastic visits and actually spend more quality time with family than when we lived there.

This thought had never really struck me before, other than my daughter who I saw a lot of, we only ever visited family for a reason or for a flying visit we are now spending the night with our parents, something you don’t really do when you live reasonably close.

The crossing is very smooth which is good because we forgot to buy some more sea sick tablets, we only had one left and that had my name on it!

We land at Roscoff and the drive home is so calm and easy, very easy for me as I slept for most of it.

We get in to the house and luckily there is no smell this time, I head straight to bed and John unloads the car,

The rest of the day is spent either in bed or just pottering around unpacking. It’s good to be home 


  1. What a lovely visit you had, and yes, no tears is a strange realisation. But it is nearer than some places within the UK.. it's just the mental distance of the water between France and the UK!

    Can't wait to see your house finished, no wonder you are getting excited!

    1. Thanks Gerda, I can't wait either but it is definitely not going to be before our holiday lol