Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Renovation project - Growing chicken dinners!

Renovation project - Growing chicken dinners!

Well we have been back for a while and it is time to start working. Well it will be soon, we are going to visit our friends with the animals.

One of the nicest things about visiting here is that there is always cake, Theresa makes the most amazing cakes and there is always plenty to go around, today it is sticky chocolate cornflake cakes, mmmmmm lovely.

We go to visit the baby chicks, they are growing twenty of them in the incubator and they are so sweet, they are at the little fluffy yellow stage. Theresa explains that they buy them at a day old and keep them in the incubator until they are big enough to go in the chicken coop. She also explains that they are all male and I ask why they have male ones as they won’t get any eggs and then this is when I realise they are growing twenty chicken dinners, yet another aspect of my Felicity Kendal and The Good life dream disappears out of the window! This is the realism of living the dream!

We pass a lovely hour and then head back to the house.

John starts a big cleanup operation and starts to make a list of what is still left to do.

The garden is really growing so I head out to do some work on the trees

We have a beautiful tree but it is currently being strangled by blackberry bushes. My job for the day is to cut the blackberries down, an easy task you may think, but no, this is our house and the blackberries have grown right though the tree. I spend the afternoon cutting, chopping and pulling. 

The weather is glorious and so I do it wearing a vest, great for the suntan, but it is only later that I realise this is a really bad idea, my arms are covered in scratches and I look a mess, so I spray myself in antiseptic, aarrrgggghhhhhh it is so painful, what a stupid idea, why would I inflict this much pain on myself????

I am so knackered that night I have a soak in the bath and try to ease my aching bones!

Top tip

  1. If gardening in blackberry bushes, COVER UP!!!!!!!!!