Friday, 21 June 2013

Renovation Project - Magret de Canard, mmmmmmmmm

Renovation Project - Magret de Canard, mmmmmmmmm

I can’t believe we have been back for almost a week; the time really does just seem to disappear. John has been looking at the work left to do and it is time to start on the ground floor.

John had had to replace one of the beams across one of the windows, but now that he has looked at it properly, he is not happy with the beam across the door or the other window. Our friends with the animals have a number of oak beams at their place and have offered us some of these if we need them.

We discuss the issue and agree that we may as well be better safe than sorry and replace all of the beams, this will add work and time to the job, but will ensure that the house is the best it can be and there will be no danger or wood worm or rot in the future.

So John heads off to our friends to choose some wood, I’ll be back in no time! Yeah right, I don’t expect him back anytime soon. I head back out in to the garden to finish off the blackberry cull, this time wearing long sleeves, jeans and work boots, clever idea you may think, as did I, until I forgot and rolled my sleeves up because it was so warm! Again I am covered in scratches.

John doesn’t help as he comes back 5 hours later and asks what I have been doing as it doesn’t look much different, I really hate him at times!

But he says that we have some fantastic oak beams.

As we are both knackered, me from working, John from talking we go out to dinner tonight, we head to Hotel du Lac, we have only eaten here once before, it is very nice but is more expensive than le Crepuscule. But the food is amazing, I have magret de canard (duck) and as I am not naturally a big meat eater, I am a bit worried that it comes on the bone, this should not have been a cause for concern as the meat just falls off and then melts in your mouth, it is cooked so well. OMG my mouth is watering just thinking about it now, John has steak and he too would recommend this to anybody, I even remember how to ask for it to be cooked in French!

We see Brian and Sheila out walking the dog and call over to them to join us; we still haven’t taken them out for a meal as a thank you for rescuing us all last week on the way to the airport.

We order more wine and spend a really pleasant evening overlooking the lake, this is why we are here, I just hope the rain holds off and the warm weather stays!

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