Sunday, 9 June 2013

Renovation project - Cheshire Life

Renovation project - Cheshire Life

Today is the big day, the christening has arrived and it is going to be amazing, my daughter and her friend have worked on the decorations which look out of this world, I really think they have found their niche in the world!

We have a beautician booked for this morning and 3 of us are going to get our makeup done professionally, OMG I am really going to look good!

The beautician is late, now for me this would not be a problem as those who have got to know me on here may realise I rarely get anywhere on time, but for my daughter this is a disaster, she is the total opposite to me, everything she is involved in goes as smoothly as a military operation!

She is made up and looks gorgeous and instructs me that I have to get the baby in her clean vest and tights to the church, we have to leave at a set time and not a minute later.

I feed the baby and she goes down for a sleep, I have my make up done and notice the time, hurry up beautician, she finally finishes and I have to almost throw her out of the house, she wanted to clean up after herself, which is very professional but we are now at the time we have to leave.

I get the baby up, who is still in her baby food covered baby vest, we have no time to change her, we try to put the baby seat in the car, yes I have been shown many times, but can we do it, can we hell! We are both trying all different ways, we can demolish a house and rebuild it with no problem, but trying to put a baby seat in the car, well that is a different story, we finally manage and get to the church (late) my daughter is outside and frantic, the baby is dressed next to the church entrance and everyone assumes it is my fault! I have to spend the rest of the day explaining to everybody that I was ready on time but the beautician held us up.

The service was amazing, the vicar was lovely and the occasion was like something out of Cheshire Life. The list of designer clothes was extensive no wonder my daughter was so adamant that I do not wear any of my own clothes (she wasn’t just adamant she was terrified) but I was good, I didn’t have purple hair, I didn’t wear purple clothes, I didn’t wear doc martin boots and my clothes didn’t clash because I just wore everything that I liked all in one go.

We head over to the The Drum and Monkey pub afterwards for the big party and even though I had seen the decorations I could not believe how good it all looked.

The welcoming Pimms, the fantastic BBQ (with not a burger in sight!) the bouncy castle, the atmosphere and most amazing of all the sun shone for the entire day. I had never been to this pub before and would recommend it to anybody having an event in Alderley Edge.

I could not have been more proud of my daughter and her new little family, the day was such a success and it was so nice to catch up with family and friends.

Once it was time to leave we took the baby and had our final night with her, my daughter and her friends were going to go for a meal, it’s not often they have unlimited access to baby sitters and its even less often I have unlimited access to my baby granddaughter, I want to soak up every moment of this

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