Monday, 3 June 2013

Renovation project - French property magazine

Renovation project - French property magazine

OMG today is so exciting we are famous!!!!! We have just received a copy of French property news magazine and we have a big feature and are on the cover.

I have taken a photo and sent it to everybody I know, I am so proud, this is my first real feature in a published magazine.

The blog is going viral and not in the nasty sense! But that isn’t all we have been contacted by a TV program as well and they would like to know if we are interested in having a program about us and what we are doing, would we!!!!!!!!! We have to do a casting shoot and luckily my daughter is here to film it, we pick a really nice spot and the filming starts, we are quite pleased with it until we see it, the camera doesn’t just add 10lbs to you, it also gives you a squeaky voice, I sound like Mickey Mouse!

We have to send it off and wait to hear so it’s fingers crossed.

As we have to wait for the TV program we can’t do any work on the house at the moment and this is killing John, we also have the last day with my daughter and baby granddaughter, I am going to miss them so much but we will see them again next week as we are going to the UK for the baby’s christening.

John can hold off no longer and he clears the barn, it looks really big when it is finished and we discuss what we are going to do with this area, the roof is falling down and it is probably not going to last much longer, so we think once it collapses properly we may just flatten it and turn it into a flat roof with a patio, this will still give us a big workshop but will also make the view from the back bedroom window beautiful as you will be able to see the entire garden.

I also want to turn the little paved area outside the kitchen window into a small terrace for just us, so we have a private little oasis when we finally get the B&B up and running; I think this may be one of my new favourite spots!


  1. Fame!! :)
    Lovely article, and can't believe you would sound like a mouse on a video! Fingers crossed for you guys!

    1. Hi Gerda

      thank you, I think I am going to be practicing my deep voice from now on lol