Friday, 7 June 2013

Renovation Project - Scary eyebrows and Prosecco with our pie and chips!

Renovation Project - Scary eyebrows and prosecco with our pie and chips!

We have a hectic week planned, so many people to see, and so many things to do; now this is usually where I just bury my head, get out the wine and do nothing! (I find this is often a good solution to most problems!) But on this occasion we can’t.

We take the car for its MOT and to have the new light fitted, it doesn’t pass but there aren’t many problems, the one that takes us by surprise is the middle back seat, seat belt not working. I ask if they can just remove it as it is never used and no it can’t be, John starts to meddle with it and poking it with a narrow sharp instrument soon clears some dirt from it, this was the problem, it is now working, thank goodness we didn’t agree to a new seat belt being fitted!

The afternoon is spent with my daughter and the baby and we are going to the beauticians, I am having my eyebrows shaped and when I go in I am terrified, the beautician has got the biggest, scariest eyebrows I have ever seen, she asks me how I want mine and it takes every bit of will power to not say I don’t care just please don’t make me look like you!!!!!!

The eyebrows take some time as she cannot understand that I just want them to be shaped nicely and not to be square.

John and I take the baby back to Wilmslow, whilst my daughter has her fake tan and decide we are going to get something to eat, we can’t find just a normal little cafe so decide we are going to go to a fish and chip shop (good traditional English food!) we find a chippy and of course being in Wilmslow it has to have a twist, the cold counter that normally has cans of pop has bottles of wine, but not just wine, Prosecco!!!! Only in Wilmslow can you buy Prosecco with your pie and chips!

Have to say though the chips were amazing as were the pies, not your standard chippy pie.

If you ever visit the UK you will have to visit a chippy, but make sure you go to one in the North of England so that you can have gravy, this is a real delicacy in the North that the south of England has not grasped yet.

OMG I have only been back a couple of days and I am considering pie, chips and gravy a delicacy, I want my fresh croissants and moules et frites!!!!!

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