Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Renovating a derelict property - To fly or not to fly that is the question 06/01/13

Renovating a derelict property - To fly or not to fly that is the question 06/01/13

We receive an e-mail today informing me that I have a hospital appointment in the UK on the 8th I have been waiting for this appointment for months and it is part of ongoing treatment, unfortunately I now don’t have time to rearrange the appointment as the next flight to the UK is on Monday at 12noon, and we will have to leave the house at 8.30 am which means, if I wait to try and rearrange on Monday morning and they say no, I will miss the flight. 

I am stuck in a dilemma as we have not been back for long, but if I don’t go I will be at the bottom of the list again and we have not got our French healthcare fully sorted yet and poor John is still not well.

The decision is made to book the flights and go for the appointment rather than risk missing it and starting the process over again in France.

I send my daughter a text asking if she is free on Tuesday for dinner and can she gift me a lift, thinking she would be overjoyed, unfortunately she knows me too well and just assumed I sent the text to the wrong person! I call her and tell her I’m coming back for a few days and she’s ecstatic, so am I now, I’ll get to see her and baby Poppy again YAY.

I will also be able to get warm again!!!!!!!!!

I spend 4 nights in the UK and baby Poppy now recognises me and smiles at me, I spend my first night at the farm and Kayleigh comes to drive me back to my parents where I will be staying.

Kayleigh and Kate go for a ride and I walk with Poppy, it’s her first pony trek and I was there! So you can see baby firsts when you live in a different country, I just need to engineer all her firsts for when I am in the UK!

We also get to visit my gran, and have photos taken of the whole family, with baby Poppy it means there are 5 generations of girls in one family, unfortunately my aunty (who is now a great, great aunty, Dee you are now famous) has still not worked out how to send the photo’s to me. So I will add one when they arrive

they have arrived and here we all are, five generations wow!

5 generations of one family manchester,cheshire,france

By the time Kayleigh drops me off at the airport to return to France, we realise it isn’t as difficult to say goodbye, as it is easy to get back if needs be, and I will be returning to visit on a regular basis.

If you were wondering the appointment was very quick as the surgeon decided I needed an MRI scan before he could decide on the way forward, this will be in a few weeks! It isn’t anything serious I have a frozen shoulder (or something along those lines).

Being a scrooge I had decided not to take any luggage on the flight with me and fitted everything into hand luggage, unfortunately I had been on a bit of a shopping spree with my daughter and was now a little over loaded, so I returned to France wearing a T shirt, a Jumper dress, a cardigan (or two!!!!!) and my coat, but at least I was warm, well actually I was cooking, there really is no pleasing some people is there ha ha ha

John was there waiting for me when the plane came in to land and it was so nice to see him, it was lovely to get back to the house, I had even forgotten about the cold, it was so nice to be home.

I have now remembered the cold and it’s no better! But the bathroom looks so much better, John has cleared all the rubble and the room looks quite big

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