Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Happy New Year Everybody

31st December 2012.

Well we went to le Crepuscule last night and it was fantastic.  I didn’t think you could possibly miss a pizza that much!

Today we are on a mad hunt to find a printer/scanner as I had to send a last piece of information to the court in the UK (I will devote a page to the court case I became embroiled in in the UK at some point). We find one and do our weeks shopping. Get home and set up the printer whilst watching the minutes tick by towards our 4pm deadline. I really must stop leaving things to the last minute.

All done and now we have the wait to see if my defense is enough to prevent me from going to court with my daughters scum landlords in the UK (in my opinion), if there are any housing lawyers out there reading this please make yourselves known.

It’s time for a quick snooze for John and a catch up on the blog for me and then its shower time and New Year’s Eve parties. We are actually going to 2 tonight and then coming home to spend the ding dong hour in our house, YAY I’m so excited.

Didn’t work out quite as planned as we got home at 2am, but we did have a fabulous time, it was really strange meeting up with people we have spoken to on the blog and twitter, we had no idea we were going to the same party. The internet does make the world a small place.

Managed to Skype Kayleigh, Chris and Poppy and speak to Leigh, unfortunately Rachael was working so will catch up properly tomorrow.


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