Saturday, 26 January 2013

How much does a new bathroom cost in France? a lot less than it does in the UK! 16.01.13

How much does a new bathroom cost in France? a lot less than it does in the UK!

We continue to work on the heating system and may have come to the conclusion that we may definitely have to lose the beautiful wood burner for an insert fire as this will provide more heat. We will keep you updated on this as we go along.   

installing a heat distribution system in France

We go to shopping again today to buy the new bathroom and see a beautiful big double ended bath (the sort where the taps and plug hole are in the middle) it is in the sale and is only 30 euro’s, but it is too big for our bathroom I am gutted, so we get the next favourite which is a square edged bath, this is really stylish and will look fantastic in the new bathroom. It cost 90 Euro’s, in the UK the dame bath would cost nearer to £300.
We also buy some more heating pipes so we can finish off the heating system when we get home.

Brico depot does not have the shower that we want so we try another hardware shop, and find a perfect one, the only problem is, it has two shower heads a normal one and a big head that comes over the top, we can’t work out whether the shower head is too low (it’s perfect for me) and if the over the top one is too high for the bathroom, we spend ages in the shop cubicle with John reaching up, in the end we think sod it, it looks good, is very reasonable priced and we want to go home, so we buy it.

We have to go to the back of the shop for collection and empty the car to fit it in, the trusty Volvo manages again. The only problem is (and we don’t find this out for a few more days is that as we emptied the car we forgot to put the heating pipe back in the car).

buying a new bathroom suite in France

 The cost of bathroom furniture is so much cheaper in France than the UK, and is so much nicer. We also buy a new shower cubicle and sink unit (with attached cupboard) and all the taps, in total the bathroom costs 500 euro’s (including toilet and all fittings). It is still difficult to comprehend the prices in France, as in the UK this would’ve cost at least £1000 and required tiling around the shower cubicle, the cubicle we have bought requires no tiling.

This bathroom will suit our needs perfectly and will look very stylish, but beware, you can spend a lot more as there are some amazing units available, you need to have your budget clear and stick to it and a word of advice, if you see a special offer buy it, because it will not be there for long.

So if you are considering this and cost is concerning, the bathroom aspect is far cheaper than in the UK (unless you have to employ somebody). But don’t get a headache when you are doing it as paracetemol are nearly 3 euro’s for 8!!!!!!!

We ring the log delivery guys again as we keep missing each other’s calls and finally get through, unfortunately they have none left that are suitable for burning, we had wanted to buy dry seasoned logs not damp ones, but are very impressed with their honesty. They tell us about another log sales person that one of their previous customers use and give us their contact details (the previous customer not the log sales), I give them a ring and they say that the log delivery they use doesn’t speak any English and a friend of theirs rings on their behalf, she then says she will contact her.

The contact calls us and says that she will arrange a delivery on our behalf; I just cannot get my head around how many complete random strangers are helping us out. Huelgoat just keeps getting better; as much as we used to love Manchester I couldn’t imagine this happening over there.

During the call we explain where we live and the woman asks if we are the couple from Manchester, we really are quite famous (or should that be infamous) as the mad couple from Manchester living in a derelict house!

Hopefully she will get back to us tomorrow.

Top Tips

1.       Have a budget and stick to it!
2.       If you see a special offer and don’t buy it, it will probably not be there when you go back
3.       Do not bring the bathroom with you from the UK because an expat expert says they are cheaper, you will struggle to find fittings and kick yourself when you go to the shops and see what you could’ve bought in France


  1. Jenny, Paracetamol = DAFALGAN, 1gram caplets are in our pharmacy for €1.95. Ask your doctor and he will prescribe them and they will be covered by the health system.
    If you go back to my blog last year there are photos of how they installed the insert and all the insulation needed to create the "hot box" - it's quite intricate. Or I can send the pictures if you like


  2. Hi

    I have just sent you a direct e-mail.

    It appears we are having the same system, luckily without the having to get the expensive specialists involved

    cheers :)

  3. Hello
    Do you have an idea of the labor cost in France for installing a WC (sink and toilet). I'm looking at a property in the Langue D'Oc that has only a full bath on the second floor. It's a newer build attached home. There is space under the stairs for a WC. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Hi Tess, good luck with your new property.

    We do not know the cost of labour as we have done all of the work ourselves, if you are able to do this is will be a lot cheaper as the labour cost is expensive in France (there is no choice the tax system is very expensive for artisans).
    I can give you some advice though.
    always get 3 quotes if you can, make sure the artisan is insured and has a siret and siren number.
    there are always some people who are willing to work on the black (without declaring the income) this is illegal in France and you would be fined as well if caught plus the work is not insured.
    If you choose to have the work done by an English friend make sure that they use French standards and fittings.
    Sorry we couldn't give you a price but hope the information has helped.
    Good luck

  5. I would love to know where you find such cheap bathroom suites! I have been looking and can only find baths for Eur500 plus! Even in Lapeyre and Leroy Merlin. Thanks

    1. the best way is to look at all of the shops and if you see a special offer buy it, as it will not be there for long. All of our bathrooms were bought at either Mr Bricolage, Brico Depot and one sink unit from Lapyere. most were on special offer at the time. Good luck