Tuesday, 29 January 2013

3 cubic metres of logs is a lot more than you'd expect! 19.01.13

3 cubic metres of logs is a lot more than you'd expect! 19.01.13

We get a call saying the logs will be delivered this morning, but that they will be delivered to the back of the house.

We spend some time clearing out the barn to make sure there is enough room for the logs.

We go out and meet them and they are dropped at the bottom of the garden. John has the fun of wheel barrowing 3 cubic metres of logs across the garden and I have the fun of stacking them in the barn.

This takes a few hours and there is still snow on the floor.

We’re knackered but at least we have logs. I can’t believe how many logs there are in 3 cubic metres, the barn is full and tonight we have a very hot fire.

Top tips

1.       3 cubic metres is a lot!!!!!!
2.       Make sure that you have enough space for that many logs
3.       Logs when bought tend to come in 50cm lengths make sure that your wood burner is big enough, or that you own a chainsaw so that they can be cut to size (we will be buying one tomorrow!)


  1. There you go - 1 corde of 50cm logs. Standard French delivery :)

  2. Hi David, they have made a world of difference, and with the chainsaw that John bought we can have any size we want now :)

  3. Wow Jenny, that is an impressive pile of wood, it makes our corde look small and that maybe we were duped, I don't think we will buy from English again I am sorry to say.but it is avery good feeling when it is delivered and you are safe in the knowledge that you have plenty. keep warm.

  4. Hi Jenny
    What a great blog!
    Loved this story, my parents have just finished building and things never do seem to go quite to plan....
    Kate x

  5. Hi Kate
    Thank you, its always nice to meet new readers. and loved your post on wearing purple :)

    Jenny x