Monday, 21 January 2013

Goodbye toilet my old friend 05/01/13

Goodbye toilet my old friend 05/01/13

We have started work in earnest today, after realising that I had got my delivery dates mixed up, the cooker is due on the 6th.

We decide to demolish the blue bathroom, this is quite a strange feeling as this was our first indoor toilet and there are some fond memories, I know I’m a sad person, but it is amazing at how the little things in life make you happy when you are living like this. This was such a momentus moment!

replacing an old toilet and fitting a new bathroom

When we first empty the bathroom we notice the solar light in the window and find it hard to believe that for weeks this was the only light we had in the bathroom and remember trying to bathe with this light, it makes us realise just how far we have come

how to remove an old bathroom

how to remove an old bathroom

how to install a new bath, toilet and washbasin

The wall comes down well, and I have real fun with the lump hammer again.

replacing a bathroom sink

removing and replacing a bath

We are going to remove the entire bathroom and turn this into the main bathroom for the house or when the B&B starts this will be the ensuite for the back bedroom; it will also be the only room in the house with a bath. I am already starting to day dream of the day when I can lie and luxuriate in hot water and bubbles, oh the luxury.........

Oops better stop dreaming and get on with the hammering.


  1. Well done you two, at least it keeps you warm when you are working hard, one wonders what the gas bottle was for behind the toilet but perhaps it is better I don't know ha ha

  2. ha ha the gas bottle was for the water heater :)