Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Renovating a derelict property - Oh My God we have a cooker and a utility room! 13.01.13

Renovating a derelict property - Oh My God we have a cooker and a utility room! 13.01.13

Yesterday was spent relaxing and doing more research into the heating systems available to us, we look again at the hot air distribution systems that are available and these seem like the best and most cost effective solution. As I have said previously this is a box with a fan in it that is located usually in the loft with pipes that are vented in to other rooms, a pipe is connected to the area just above the wood burner and then the warm air that is usually lost through the chimney is circulated into other rooms.

The cooker was delivered when I was in the UK, this was not as easy as we had planned, they did not arrive on the due date and Sheila was good enough to ring the company, and they arranged to call back when they cooker was to be delivered, John had to take the call on his own, this was his first big test with the language and he managed it.

I had the fun job of cleaning the floor tiles below the cooker, this again meant scrapping and scrubbing each individual tile to bring them up like new, which is not bad as they are the original tiles. I hate this job and my beautiful New Year nails are now finally gone, they were red and glittery and looked so beautiful, I felt like a lady again for a couple of weeks rather than a building labourer, still there's always next Christmas!

So today he has fitted the cooker, it is fantastic, but it seems a shame to say good bye to the trusty BBQ, though it’s not really a big goodbye as we have no where to put it so it will stay in the kitchen, so we have now gone from no cooker to 2!.

John also has to remove the washing machine and the rest of the water pipes from the wall. It feels like we are finally getting somewhere, the washing machine goes out into the utility room, Oh My God it is almost like a real house (if you ignore all the crap that is still lying around)

We cook our first meal tonight homemade spag bol and it is delicious and so easy not having to try to swap pans because we have only one gas ring, the spaghetti and the Bolognese are ready at the same time and we even manage some garlic bread, I am Jamie Oliver!!!!! (For those non brits he is a famous chef).


  1. Wow, looking good and what a cooker

  2. I know. I'm so excited lol, maybe able to bake that bribery cake now :)