Sunday, 20 January 2013

I feel like crap and I'm still cold!!!! 04/01/13

January 4th 2013

Happy birthday Kayleigh, ignore yesterdays top tip, you don’t feel part of the celebrations, your guilt is just eased a little bit (but not much) by sending flowers and cards.

And we’re still cold!!!!! My bones are still cold and I feel like crap!!!!!!!!!

Top Tips
1.   Ignore other people's top tips!


  1. Oh dear Jenny, sorry to hear you are not good and still very cold, I have made a duvet cover for a single duvet that matches the settee which sits on the back and when it is very cold I put it over me, I would concentrate on keeping 1 room warm for the time being, the other thing you could do is make a cake and go visit a neighbour they will have heat lol - try and keep warm x

  2. ha ha ha we have been visiting friends, but until the cooker arrives there is not much chance of baking a cake, we are still living with a BBQ!!!!!!