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Bonfire night 10th November 2012 'Ride 'em cowboy'

Bonfire night 10th November 2012

We are off to the farm for bonfire night and the kids have been invited, Rachael can’t make it but Kayleigh and Chris follow us in the car.

It is a perfect night, cold and not raining and the fire is huge. We all have a fab night and John and I settle in to the caravan. There is enough room in the house but it is so lovely having a space to ourselves and the fact that we don’t have to wake with the children, as much as we love them we are a bit too old for the early mornings!

Kate and I have agreed to go for a ride in the morning and for once I don’t find an excuse not to go, so John and Phil come along with the dogs and little Jack has a ride as well. Part way through John is offered a ride and as a 5 year old has offered to get off for him he can’t really refuse. It is a fabulous morning and only when we dismount do we realise that we can hardly move our legs! I just wish I was brave enough to do this more often as it is so enjoyable, but the thought of the horse having no brakes always comes back to haunt me

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