Sunday, 27 January 2013

Its snowing, can we get any colder!!!!!!! 18.01.13

Its snowing, can we get any colder!!!!!!! 18.01.13

Well it snowed today, Well it snowed today, we woke to this view from our bedroom window, and yes it managed to get a bit colder!!!!!

We are due to go shopping again today as friends are going with us so that they can put the water heater in their car, we have finally found something that can not fit in the Volvo! We should be there for 9.30 am. We are a little late setting off and go for petrol, but we have to stop to take some photographs as the snow has made everywhere look beautiful.

We arrive at our friends and find there are not there, we can see the tyre tracks in the snow, OH Bugger what do we do now, this is the only day they can help us for a few weeks, bugger, bugger, bugger.
We stand there trying to decide what to do as we see their car pull up; they had driven to us to see if we were stuck. We decide we will still go, but not along the country lanes that we had intended to use, they had wanted to show us areas we had not yet been too.

On the way back we go to a TROC, this is a second hand furniture sales and some of the furniture is amazing 17th and 18th century wardrobes and dressers, the carvings are so intricate and the workmanship like nothing you could imagine, the only example I can think of is consider IKEA and think of the most opposite possible, and you’re still not quite there.

This furniture is so cheap, if you are looking for a career buy a big van come over and drive or ship to which ever country you live in, you will make a fortune! Obviously I cannot guarantee you this categorically, so you cannot sue me.

I see the most amazing sofa it is an old French style with green and yellow strips in velour, John hates it and we spend much of our time in the troc discussing it, but I have to accept that as it is antique we couldn’t actually sit on it and when the B&B opens we couldn’t have it and tell any visitors they could not sit on it.
We do however find a paraffin heater for only 29 euro’s, so we buy this.

Once we get home we have a telephone call about the logs, they should be with us next week, I ask if there is any chance of them coming earlier as it is really cold now and we don’t have much wood left, the contact says she will see what she can do, but if we get desperate we can call at her house and pick a car load up, can these people get any nicer?

John continues with work on the hot water, he is removing the gas water heater from the bathroom and putting it in the utility room where it will hopefully work better, as there is a chimney opening for the flue pipe. It turned out that the gas water heater had not worked properly due to the draw on the flue when in the bathroom.

It works the water is piping hot, CONSTANTLY!!!!! I have my first proper hot shower, not warm but hot, I don’t know how long I spend in it, I also finally get to use all the lovely Christmas shower smellies, it is so luxurious. I make an effort tonight and wear a nice nightie, the mood is then somewhat ruined as I also put on a pair of woolly tights, furry slippers a dressing gown and a big knitted cardigan, still the thought was there!

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