Monday, 14 January 2013

How stupid can two middle aged women be?

How stupid can two middle aged women be? Sunday 30th December 2012

Well my resolve has held out and I am off for another cycle ride. I happily leave John chasing draughts and filling relevant holes, the house is a lot colder than I remember and the temperature is about 10 degrees colder than when we left.

We are going to try a different route today. Sheila said that there is a beautiful canal ride and we will go along here and then head up back in to town. We have yet again realised how little sightseeing we have done since moving to Huelgoat, but this will be changing soon.

We cycle to the canal and Sheila rides up a small grassy bank, I plan to get on when we pass a path, until I realise that this was the only way on. Sheila carries on easily whilst I am cycling a few yards (or should that now be metres?) then stepping a few steps, I am not sure what I am more scared of, the ever increasing drop down to the road or the fact that there is flowing water a few inches from my very wobbly bike that is perching precariously on a small muddy track that is also covered in slippy wet leaves (just to add to the excitement!) we don’t go very far before I am brave enough to admit defeat and Sheila kindly suggests that we leave the very picturesque route that she had planned, to cycle on the road. We go down a steep slope with yet more mud, stones and wet leaves and I realise I quite enjoy walking the bike as well as cycling. I have also come to the conclusion that as much as I have wanted to try real mountain biking this is something that I will never do, EVER!!!!!!

We cycle along and the trip is beautiful, the forest is amazing and the rain holds off.  We enjoy freewheeling down a long road and visions of care free children’s memories come flooding back, I had forgotten the feeling of wind blowing through your hair, and the desire to hold both legs out and shout weeeeeeeee is very over powering, luckily I refrained and retained a modicum of decorum (but in my mind I was 12 years old again).

We see a sign for Berrien, which is a village a few miles away and decide to take this turning, we cycle for what feels like 2 days and still have no site of Berrien.

The time has come to make the decision do we keep going or turn around and follow our route back.  We have approx ½ hour of daylight left, we have no phone, only one bike has lights, I have no water proof jacket and we did not bring a drink (as you can see we planned this trip well!).

We turn around and head back, the wonderful downhill journey has now turned into a mountainous trek home, we do really well and only give up the bike for the last mile or so and end up walking the bikes. I get back to the house and cannot remember the last time I felt so knackered, there isn’t a bone or muscle that doesn’t ache! But hey I’m still going again tomorrow!

We now have another dilemma, do I cook the spag bol (which will be as tomatoey as yesterdays curry thanks to the double concentrate tomato I bought instead of tinned tomatoes) or do we go to le Crepuscule for a steak and a pizza, which sounds very appealing but defeats the whole point of the many mile cycle ride.
 I will let you know tomorrow what we choose. Oh how I love leaving the blog on such an exciting cliff hanger, and how much I have enjoyed getting back to the blog. 


  1. Reading your experience is funny and exciting!!! Sometimes the best adventures are more fun when you are unprepared!!!

  2. Oh Jenny you do make me laugh :)
    I so love hearing your adventures!!!