Thursday, 28 January 2016

Renovation project - We are back in Brittany, France

Renovation project - We are back in Brittany, France

We get the Portsmouth to Caen ferry and decide to push the boat out and have one of the luxury cabins, they are expensive, but when you add up all the extras that come with the cabin, it really isn't that bad, plus it means we can sit and watch TV instead of watching the sea rise and fall, and rise and fall and rise and fall (even writing this I can feel my sea sickness coming on)

We get to Caen at approx 4pm and we have a four hour drive to our new house.

The new Volvo has no problems and we arrive, I am not sure how many times I have explained that shops etc shut in rural France, but we forgot and we arrive to find not only the shops shut but also the restaurants, it is late and we are hungry.

Our friends come to the rescue and cook some dinner for us when we collect our keys, we sit and spend the evening catching up, but we can't be late as Veolia (the water company) are arriving in the morning to connect our water.

In the morning we get to the house in plenty of time for the water company to arrive.

We wander around and think of the plans we have made. We will be turning the main house into a two bed one bath house and the little house into a holiday gite.

But as we are talking and looking we start to wonder if it would make more sense to live in the little house and have the main house as a rental, there is a lot less work to do on the main house.

It is almost midday and veolia have still not arrived, I go back to the house we are staying in and check my e-mails, it is at this point that I notice the notaire asked me to confirm the 7th was OK, I had missed this bit. I didn't even think about it as we had said over and over again we would be back on the 7th. I have no phone so call into the notaires and they will contact Veolia and arrange another date. Luckily it is tomorrow.

John makes a list of all that he needs for the plumbing and electrics ready to start

Here is are some photo's of the outside of the house, the inside will be coming soon


  1. i love the baskets at the front ready to take flower pots, it already looks like a b and b xx

    1. thanks, I love the ironwork on ll the windows and the terrace, but definitley not a B&B this time :)