Saturday, 16 January 2016

Renovation project - Leaving Spain

Renovation project - Leaving Spain

My flight is not to bad, very early, but not too bad. I see John and I am so relieved to see him again, we chat about what happened and he says he feels much better, still not 100%, but much better/

He has not fully packed for me, but I can hardly complain. We now have two days to pack and clean the villa.

We also only have two days left to visit all of our favourite restaurants we don't manage the restaurants but we do get everything in the car.

When we are packed we look at the car and once again realise that all our worldly possessions are in there and once again realise that the majority of our possessions are either Johns tools, clothes or memories from our children growing up.

It is a strange feeling knowing that all you own can fit in a car, it is a million miles away from our old life in the UK where you own far more than you could ever need. We sit and look around before we leave and think about the wonderful time we have had, all the family that have visited and how we will have to explain to my baby grandaughter that we don't have the pool any more and there will be no more rocket boat to sail in.

But it is time to go, we are both sad to eave but excited about the beginning of our next new adventure in France.

See you all in France

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