Monday, 25 January 2016

Renovation project - The French house is ours

Renovation project - The French house is ours
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We had emptied the car yesterday and didn't really have time to get too excited with everything we had to do, but today is different. We are signing this morning.

Everything is in place the money can be seen at the notaires office but has not made it in to the correct account yet, this is not a problem.

The signing is done electronically, the contract is on the screen and the notaire goes through each page, the 'en tontine' has been added (can you imagine asking a UK solicitor to change a contract on the day without being charged extortionate amounts of money!).

Everything is signed and we are ready to go.

Now the excitement kicks in, we have another house in Huelgoat. As we are leaving the notaires office our Friends Sheila and Brian drive past, they stop and say hello. It is the perfect moment, Sheila has somehow been there at every important moment in our French lives so to see her at this time just makes everything right.

We go and spend the morning there and discuss what we are going to do when we return from our Christmas trip to the UK.

The notaire will arrange for the water to be connected to the mains on the 7th January 2016. and then we can return reconnect the water pipes and change the electrics and hopefully move in shortly after.

This project is no where near as big as the last one, until we start to make a note of the jobs, new water, new electrics, new plumbing, new windows, new bathrooms, new kitchen and start from scratch on the little house!

But I can't wait, I'm so looking forward to getting started and also doing something again, 6 months relaxing in Spain was fantastic but with no exercise and too much food my wonderful slim line figure is not so slim line and John, well, he wasn't a little bloke before but now........

Our ferry to the UK leaves at 3 pm today and we make sure everywhere is fully locked up, leave our keys with friends and head off.

Yes the blog is behind, but we will be catching up soon now that we have interent

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