Friday, 22 January 2016

Renovation project - Oh No, we have forgotten to pay for the house!

Renovation project - Oh No, we have forgotten to pay for the house!

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We are tootling along quite happily, we sign for the house on Monday and can collect the keys on Saturday the weather is still good and everything is going smoothly.

I have no idea why the next thought suddenly pops in my head, but I am so glad it did.

We haven't yet paid for the property or arranged a transfer of the funds, I can't believe it, we completely forgot to pay for the house!!!!

What are we going to do, normally we would've paid the deposit so the full payment would be organised, but because the final contract came when it did and the 10 day cooling off period finsihes on our signing date, nothing is in place.

We have no internet and we are on a motorway near Bordeaux.

The first step is to telephone our contact at the bank, she is not available and has no appointments free tomorrow.

I explain to the person on the phone what we need to do and she kindly says she will contact the notiare to get the details and the bank will arrange the transfer, and they will call back tomorrow.

Normally we would stay in Bordeaux as this is the perfect stopping place. We stop at a Macdonalds so that we can use the free internet and I see that we have an e-mail from the notaire checking that we have everything in place to pay (this came 15 minutes after my phone call to the bank, a coincidence maybe?)

Well hopefully everything is in place, but we decide to drive a lot further than we had planned so that we can be in Huelgoat early afternoon so that we can call into the bank and the notiares.

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